13 Steps To Irresistible Sales Videos

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Today I am going to break down a sales video that uses copywriting techniques to capture interest, create curiosity, absolve objections and finally deliver a call to action.

Copywriting is the “secret sauce” of good sales pages and sales videos. You probably have seen many sales videos and pages that were strangely compelling and very persuasive, but you may not have understood what made them so.

I am going to spill the beans on one of my own sales videos which is very persuasive (well, I think so, at least!). I hope that this will help you understand the process, so that you can make your own compelling sales videos in the future.

IMPORTANT – Watch the video below. This will be the example referred to in this post.

1) The Attention Getter

You will notice this unusual image is the first thing that the prospect sees. It is a black and white image of a race car crash. The race photographer is completely oblivious because he is looking the other way.

All good sales copy follows AIDA;

  • Attention

  • Interest

  • Desire

  • Action

The very first step is Attention. If you do not get the prospect’s attention that will not even view any of your message.

The black and white image is extremely attention getting. For one it is in black and white which is unusual to see on a sales page. That alone makes it stand out. Secondly it is an exciting action packed image frozen in time. This is real eye candy and we can not look away. It makes the prospect wonder, “hmm what is this all about”. They are very likely to play the video, which is our very first objective.

2) Deliver On The Promise.

Usually a promise is made up front on the sales copy. Usually it will be made at the headline on the sales page and also as the headline on the lead capture page.

That promise might be, “This is Going To Change Your Life”.

It is important that we quickly show our intent to deliver on the promise. We want to do so, right after the attention getting image.

In the video above, I immediately go straight to, “Let me deliver on my promise”. Then I explain how the information that I have is life changing, thus delivering on my promise.

This is important because we want to be different from other offers that the prospect has tried. The prospect will no doubt have bought things that did not work out as promised. So we show evidence that we can back up what we claim to increase the credibility of our offer in the eyes of the prospect.

Then we spend the entire video providing evidence that we have what is needed to fulfil the promise that we made.

3) Right Place Right Time

The next step is to build the case for having a real opportunity. An opportunity that can really help improve the prospects life or fix one of their pain points. I spend a lot of time driving this point home using credibility enhancers, which I will talk about in the next section. I start this process with the phrase, “You are in the right place at the right time”.

4) Credibility Enhancers.

Authority is one of Cialdini’s principles of persuasion and it makes a big difference to how well your copy converts. Therefore it is important to provide evidence that provides authority to claims being made. One way would be to use a celebrity or some sort of industry expert, but you really don’t need to go that far.

What I do is “newsify” my information. What I mean by this, is to provide evidence that my information is less of a sales pitch, and more credible, believable and true. We view news releases and as more credible than furniture ads, for example. 

I use lots of charts and news articles to back up everything I say. That way it seems as though I am not just pitching a sale, but I am providing real serious information that is backed by credible references.

5) “A Rare Opportunity, Not To Be Missed”

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is a very strong motivator. Most of us have a sense that we have missed out on opportunities either through inaction or through being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

You will notice me referencing previous booms (like social media) which created “millions of millionaires”. I am pushing the FOMO button hard. They really should keep watching to find out what this is all about!

6) Using Pictures When Words Are Not Enough

There are certain points that I really wanted to drive home strongly. One was that there are “millions of buyers with credit cards in hand”. Rather than just say this and use a text slide, I used an image of somebody at the laptop with a literal credit card in hand. This makes my point sink in in a resounding manner.

7) Link Back To Your Attention Getting Image

We need to resolve the image that was used for getting attention. I promised that I would explain how it relates to them and what I am talking about. I did it by mentioning that a lot of action is happening right now, just like the crash at the car race. Unfortunately many people are not paying attention. I am appealing to their ego here. That they do not want to be oblivious and miss all the action, like the race photographer did.

8) The Bridge

Now I provide the path or “bridge” that will take them to the promised land. The promised land is the opportunity that I have been talking about.

9) You Have Been Lied To

This is another credibility enhancer. I am going to drive home the point that they have likely been the victims of misinformation. I mention that most marketers are self interested and deliberately dishonest.

Then I provide examples of misinformation to back up what I am saying.

I also advise that they should do the opposite of the gurus.

The aim here is to build a case for me being an authentic source of credible information (which I am) and that they should listen to me.

10) Secret Insider Info

After building a case that the prospect has been the victim of lies and misinformation I begin to demonstrate that my info is very different. It’s not known by the masses and is insider knowledge. You will see a lot of sales copy built on the idea of “secret hacks” and “insider knowledge”. It’s another FOMO trigger.

11) Appeal To Logic

This course is for getting high ticket commissions. I appeal to logic by demonstrating that it’s much faster to achieve a high income by promoting high ticket offers. I use the example that you could get to $10K per month by selling 500 low ticket items or just 4 high ticket items. Most would agree that making 4 sales is the much easier path to $10K.

12) Repetition

You will notice I start repeating several key points, over and over

1) This is simple and easy

2) The Promise – “Leads, sales or both in 10 days or under”

13) Preemptive Objection Handling

As we move toward the close, we need to address the possible objections before we get there. 

Objection 1 – This could be difficult to understand

Response – Easy step by step blueprint

Response – Mentor holding your hand

Response – Access to supportive community

Objection 2 – The course might be too long

Response – bite size chunks

Objection 3 – The course might be useless fluff

Response – Concentrated info, all killer, no filler

Call To Action

Enrol now and I will see you inside.

Now you know how to create irresistible sales videos using the persuasive principles of copywriting!

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