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Build A High Ticket Lead Funnel In Just 10 Days

Funnel Entry Point - Facebook Ad

Original Ad Copy

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Always Build A Bridge With Your Sales Funnel

Build A High Ticket Lead Funnel In Just 10 Days

Bridge Page

Headline Gets Attention.

This is a strong headline because it has what I call “Itchy Sizzle”, it grabs the prospect’s surface level attention.

You will notice that it calls out to the desire of the prospect (pot of gold) and also appears to the desire for a solution that is “Quick & Easy”.

Persuasive Webinar Techniques

Itchy Sizzle Opener to grab surface level attention.

Also calls out to the prospects desires and calls out to the desire for something “quick and easy”.

Pre-emptive Objection handling.

You need to deal with objections early before they take hold to create doubt in the mind of the prospect. You also need to deal with the objections through out and right before the call to action.


In the Brett Mcfall webinar, we see Brett dealing with them on the second slide.

Some prospects will fear that they will need to know how to build a sales funnel, have a book to sell or have lot’s of followers. Mcfall reassures prospects that this is not the case which “nips objections in the bud” before they start to create prospect anxiety. 

Re-Iterate Quick & Easy

Repitition is important to force your message to sink in to the prospect’s mind.

Here we see Brett Mcfall repeating that his solution is quick and easy and also showing that he can give them access to what they desire (pot of gold)

Authority & Credibility Enhancer

The prospects will be thinking, “why should I listen to you”.

It’s time to lay out some results and experience to convince prospects that you have credibility and you therefore should continue to listen.

Call Out To The “Right Prospects” “Exclude The Wrong Prospects”

Brett calls out to exactly who he wants to talk to, which makes the prospect’s believe that they are in the right place.

Exclude The Wrong Prospects

Telling viewers who this is not for has two purposes. It tells the unsuitable people to go away and galvanizes the ideal prospects even more.

They don’t want to be tagged as people that do not want to experience the benefits so they more strongly align with the messenger and his message.

Incentivize Prospects To View Content To The End

It is important to make sure as many prospects as possible view the entire presentation.

You want to make sure that you have something in place to reduce webinar abandonment.

Demonize The Alternatives

The prospect is always thinking, ” can I do all of this without help”.

You want to make sure that you remind the prospect that the DIY approach has plenty of drawbacks. It makes your solution seem easier and more appealing.

Present Your Bridge As An Easier Solution

Your “bridge” is the solution that will allow prospects to travel over the “barriers” and frustrations” to get to the pot of gold”.

You want to make this seem like the best and easiest way for the prospect to get what they want.

Call To Action

In any funnel there comes a time when you need to specifically tell the prospects that you want to to “do something”.

In this case, Brett Mcfall wants prospects to book a strategy call.

Strategy Call Is A Screening Call

One thing I noticed that Brett Mcfall repeats several times that there will be no attempt to sell prospects anything. The strategy call is purely to help the prospects get a “plan of action”.

Whilst that may be true, there is another intention of the “strategy call”

The real purpose is to “screen out” prospects who are unsuitable.

An unsuitable prospect is basically anyone who is not going to buy Brett Mcfall’s high ticket product. Either they don’t want it, are not ready or cannot afford to pay for it.

The suitable prospects will likely be re-booked into a more comprehensive sales call where they will be closed on the high ticket offer.

Build A High Ticket Lead Funnel In Just 10 Days

Funnel Structure

Final Thoughts

This is a very effective high ticket funnel. I hope it gives you some ideas!

Build A High Ticket Lead Funnel In Just 10 Days

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