The Easy 3 Punch Combo That Attracts & Converts Prospects Effortlessly

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NOTE – The Info Below Is An Excerpt From The Course “Itchy Sizzle:The Easy 3 Punch Combo That Attracts & Converts Prospects Effortlessly

Itchy Sizzle – The 3 Punch Combo That Attracts & Converts Prospects Effortlessly 

If you want to effortlessly attract and sell then you really are in the right place.  

It all comes down to 3 things done in order which will change how people view you and how they react to you online. When it comes to selling something, the people are not only “softened up”, but they are “eager” and “excited” to buy from you. These 3 pieces of the puzzle are not difficult, but they must be done in the correct order. 

1) Itchy Sizzle – This is a condensed representation of our offer. It must be unique and brief but meaningful, in terms of what it conveys about our offer. Most importantly, it must create CURIOSITY or an ITCH that can only be scratched by the prospect thinking, “I must know more!”
This is the first step, next comes authority.

2) Authority – Authority is a carefully constructed “perception” that the prospect has about us. As a marketer we must carefully build up this perception of authority. When we have built authority there will be almost zero resistance to “the pitch”. This is our ultimate goal.

3) The Pitch – Perhaps the most important part of business online is when we put together a “sales pitch” and attempt to sell something to someone. This is how we get paid, so I understand why this part is exciting. The “sales pitch” is like a performance that requires some preparation. You wouldn’t debut on broadway without doing some preparation. 

The same goes for delivering a pitch, whether it be online, on the phone or wherever.
If you have followed any of my content, you will be aware that I am adamant that there is no pitching done, until the groundwork has been laid. When we pitch too early we come off as “sleazy” and “desperate”. We also encounter a lot of sales resistance. When we follow the steps of Itchy Sizzle, our pitch slices through prospect resistance like a hot knife through butter.

The Pitch
The pitch should be the last step in the process, this is not what happens in practice. Most marketers rush straight to the pitch because it is the closest point to a result. 

Nearly every day someone messages me a pitch on Facebook messenger;

“This is a great new program, you should sign up and join my team”.

The problem with that method of pitching is that the result will most likely be a resounding “NO!”. The groundwork must come first: 1) Itchy Sizzle and 2) Authority.

Luckily for you, very few people know about this secret. It’s really only done by the top 3% of marketers. That means that we can easily out-compete 97% of the rest. Once you know this and implement it, you get effortless results.

The majority will never come close to learning about this concept. You have a blueprint for total domination!

WARNING: You must follow the 3 steps in the correct order for this to work!

The first thing You must do is the Itchy Sizzle!

Itchy Sizzle 
Let’s talk about itchy sizzle.  

Itchy Sizzle is a condensed “slogan” that is heavily concerned with being ATTENTION GETTING and CURIOSITY INVOKING.

It is an ABSTRACT representation of the PITCH. It’s kind of WEIRD and MEMORABLE.

THE GOAL – You want to prospect to be utterly curious about the whole concept. It creates an itch that the prospect must scratch. They want to learn what it means! 

Think about the most awesome feature of your offer and then try to sum it up using two or three “curiosity inducing” words. 
This is not just a title of your product (although it can be), it is a concept that says something about the product on offer.
Let me repeat….Itchy Sizzle is a phrase that is a conceptual representation of your offer.

Let’s check out an example from Amazon. I wanted to compare two very similar books. Now all books have titles, but a few (usually top sellers) have Itchy Sizzle statements in their titles. Check out these two books on sales prospecting.

Book 1
I know what it’s about, but there is no feeling of curiosity. It’s just a book about sales prospecting. It might be amazing, but superficially it is not doing it for me.

Book 2
This book is on a very similar topic, but is called, “Fanatical Prospecting.”

Which book invoked curiosity?

1) “Sales Prospecting”
2) “Fanatical Prospecting”

Book 1 seems to be the same as hundreds of other books about sales prospecting. I already know what sales prospecting is. I am not curious nor do I have an itch that needs scratching.

Book 2 on the other hand! Woah, I have heard of prospecting, but not “Fanatical Prospecting”. That seems different, I want to know more. I am curious. 

This ladies and gentleman is Itchy Sizzle!

It is more than a title, it is a concept that sums up your offer and also induces curiosity. A fresh new spin on an old idea. It sums up what to expect, but also sizzles and creates an itch!

This is all surface level attention, but it is crucial. We need to get our foot in the door. From there we have more than enough value to build authority. From there we can pitch a slam dunk sale!

Deep level attention is important, but surface level attention is also important. Blending in with all the boring marketers will yield terrible results. Why settle for terrible results when it is so easy to stand out from the unimaginative pack!

Imagine you are selling an exercise program. You will be just another unremarkable product being pitched to weary consumers.

But if you shake things up and create a curious concept, all of the sudden all eyes are on your and your very fresh concept.

How do you stand out with very generic products?
I was watching Wayne’s World with my youngest son Matthew. He has a very similar sense of humor and I get a real kick out of seeing him laugh at the same scenes that I like!

One of those scenes is where Wayne makes a speech about not selling out to corporate sponsors all the while he and Garth intersperse their dialogue with progressively more ridiculous “product Placements”.

One that stood out is for a brand of ibuprofen called Nuprin. Wayne pops two bright yellow pills into his grey hand and says to camera:

“Ah, Nuprin, little, yellow, different.

I thought, wow what a great example of Itchy Sizzle for such a boring generic product.

Let’s break down why I love this slogan.

Little Yellow Different

Prospect Desire – Small tablets that are easy to swallow. To have something that stands out from the crowd and makes me special.

So the premise of the slogan is based on the desires of the ideal prospect.

The ideal prospect is the person who buys ibuprofen, but also likes to be a little unique and individual.

The premise being that prospects want small pills that are colored brightly and very different to most other ibuprofen pills.
The premise is then supported by the Itchy Sizzle statement:
“Little, Yellow, Different”

If I was an ideal prospect for Nuprin and I saw the real ad for Nuprin (before Wayne’s World spoofed it!”), It would get my attention and make me curious. Surface level attention is the entire purpose of the Itchy Sizzle statement.

Surface level attention is just the “foot in the door”. It is not enough to seal the deal.

And Much More!