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Build A High Ticket Lead Funnel In Just 10 Days

Funnel Entry Point - Facebook Ad

Original Ad Copy

Here’s why you’ve failed at starting your own business before
It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried
❌Building your own website
❌Selling your services
…or any other option available before.
The issue is not that you haven’t had the skills or the commitment…
The issue is that those businesses are more complicated from what they should be when starting out.
Just think about it. You have to:
➡️Come up with the products…
➡️Create all the Google, Facebook and Youtube ads yourself…
➡️Deliver what you offer to your customers (and talk with them as customer support)
So with all of this work, succeeding without experience is close to zero.
But it doesn’t have to be that way.
What if there is a method you don’t have to worry about the products or the customers?
What if you only focus on getting people to a page and make money from it?
The truth is… it’s possible.
In fact, my 10,300+ clients and I have been using this method… and we’ve been making $1,000 sales per day (or more) with it.
But now, I want to share this method with you.
Not only because I think it’s the best way to start a business with zero experience from 2022 and beyond, but…
you don’t have to worry about the product creation or the fulfillment of it.
So if you’re open to see how my students are making $1,000 per day, click the link below.

Inside, you’ll get a Free training where I reveal the exact 3-step process my clients use… so you can start your own business as well by the end of this year.
Click below to get watch the 3-step training:

Always Build A Bridge With Your Sales Funnel

Build A High Ticket Lead Funnel In Just 10 Days

Facebook Ad Video Sales Copy

This is the Burj Khalifa and this is the number one tallest building in the world and this is Robbie Blanchard I’m the number one affiliate in the entire world and if you want to start an online business that makes you a hundred dollars a day, a thousand dollars a day or more then here’s what I want you to do right now.

Click the link on this video head over to the next page and register for my free training which takes place today because on this training I’ll show you exactly how you can make your first sale online, your first hundred dollar day long even your first thousand dollar day online and do it really quickly.

Now the reason why I’m so confident because over the past couple years I’ve helped over ten thousand people do just that so click the link right now register with my free training and I can’t wait to see on the inside.

Opt In Page

This is a very strong opt in page.

Headline – A great example of “Itchy Sizzle”. It grabs my “surface level attention” and makes me want to learn more. It appeals to insider info from a top affiliate which really piques curiosity. It appeals to prospect desire with what I call the “Pot Of Gold” element. The promise of $1000 per day is believable because the message appears to be from the number 1 Clickbank affiliate in the world. This is very good at getting the attention of the ideal prospect and encouraging them to learn more.

Quick And Easy – On your sales copy it really pays to emphasize the quick and easy nature of your offer. Robby Blanchard does this with the copy;

“Simple 3 Step System” and “Zero Experience required”


Strong Title Again – This appeals to the prospects desire and also implies that it works currently. Succeeds at getting attention for this new section.

Quick And Easy – The use of “Quick and Easy” and “Comfort Of Your Own Own” calls out to the prospect’s desire for something quick and easy.

Pre-emptive Objection Handling – A smart sales funnel will repeatedly deal with objections early and throughout the entire funnel. The claim that this works “without a product, email list or even a website”, deals with these prospect worries right on the opt in page.

Strong Claim – Robby Blanchard puts down a strong guarantee that this really will work for you. It is in bold font to really stand out. This makes the prospect think that this may be worth opting into.

Authority and Credibility Enhancers – Robby puts his results right there on the opt in page. This backs up his claim to being the #1 Clickbank affiliate in the world and adds to a perception that he has credibility and authority on the subject.

Desire Seeding – When you ask prospects to visualize what their life would be like with and extra “$1000 per day” you seed and amplify desire and excitement. This increases the likelihood of a webinar registration taking place, which is the sole purpose of this page.

Let's Check Out The Webinar

Final Thoughts

One of the best sales funnels I have seen for a high ticket offer.

Build A High Ticket Lead Funnel In Just 10 Days

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