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Build A High Ticket Lead Funnel In Just 10 Days

Funnel Entry Point - Facebook Ad

Original Ad Copy

Is your abandoned cart sequence a hot mess? Are you losing customers every day?

Let me change that!

There are 4 strategies I use to create the Perfect Abandoned Cart email proven to increase sales every month.

Out of those 4, one is single-handedly responsible for doubling conversion rates on abandoned cart emails.

The concept behind it is as old as word-of-mouth marketing.

The tool to create it is new and exclusively used by a select few.

But right now, it’s my secret to success.

And I’ve decided to give it away, for free.

It’s a simple tool you can use in less than 10 minutes to create the authority your brand needs to sell to indecisive customers.

On top of that, you’ll also get:
The time window I use to ensure maximum visibility and open rates for abandoned cart emails.
The flow architecture you need to ensure no customer ignores your emails
The email anatomy breakdown I apply to any abandoned cart email, regardless of the product or industry.

All of these assets will enable you to take control of your campaign’s results and stop wasting money on acquiring new customers through ads.

Remember, the ones who picked a product are already interested. Don’t let them take their money to the competition.

Grab them when you grab your free “Double Your Abandoned Cart Sales Template”.

No strings attached. After all, that’s what a gift is!

And this…
Is my gift to you!

Plugs Into Prospects Fear

I Have The Bridge!

4 Strategies Sounds Quick And Easy.

"Pot Of Gold" AKA What Prospect Wants

Credibility Enhancer

Insider Info Creates Curiosity & Desire

Quick and Easy

Crucial Information That I Need to Be Successful - Curiosity & Desire

Pot Of Gold AKA What The Prospect Wants

Plugs Into Prospects Fear

Always Build A Bridge With Your Sales Funnel

Build A High Ticket Lead Funnel In Just 10 Days

The 2X Abandoned Cart Template

My personal tried and tested abandoned cart email that helps one brand generate over $35,408 EXTRA every single month!

The heading text is a bit boring!

What's Good

The book cover is great, same as the image used in the Facebook ad

Whats Could Be Better

The heading is very plain (The 2X Abandoned Cart Template) and is lacking “Itchy Sizzle”

Could be better in terms of getting attention.

Suggestion 1 – ONE Dumb EMAIL To Abandoned Cart Prospects Generates $35K In Monthly Revenue

Suggestion 2 – How To $35K From Abandoned Cart Visitors by Sending ONE EMAIL

Suggestion 3 – One Cash Creating Email That Grabs Abandoned Cart Shoppers And Makes Them Come Back To Finish The Purchase

Social Proof - Great!

Mark Peterson

7-Figure Brand Owner
“We were struggling to break seven figures, email marketing helped a lot. The branding really helped us grow as a business. In the first month of working with Jason, we generated an extra 30% of our sales.”

Jason K Williamson understands the power of social proof as evidenced by the fact that he includes it even on a free lead magnet page.

Some Good Sales Copy In The Rest Of The Page

The Top Secret Tool Used By The Elite
I was lucky enough to discover a secret tool that only elite marketers are using! It’s the difference between OK and Great abandoned cart emails

Top Secret, implies insider info to create FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

Conversion Architecture

Successful abandoned cart emails follow this exact structure. It allows brads to escape their industry norm and profit where competitors are losing money

More Fomo


Did you know that emails sent within the first hour are 10x more likely to convert? I’ll show you my exact timing method. (works every time)

Implying Quick and easy on any sales page will increase conversions.

The Anatomy of The Perfect…

I’ll break down the anatomy of a perfect Abandoned cart email so that you can replicate this every single time without fail.

More “Quick And Easy”. Who wouldn’t like to be able to “replicate this every time without fail?”

The Real Purpose Of This Funnel Is To Book Sales Appointments

Build A High Ticket Lead Funnel In Just 10 Days

Great Use Of Exclusion

With appointment setting funnels you need to decide whether you want to exclude some of the unsuitable prospects, so that when it comes to the appointment you are closing sales at a very high rate.

In the Jason K Williamson funnel, the prospect is forced to complete a questionnaire before they book the appointment. 

This has 2 purposes:

1) Exclude the unsuitable prospects. For example some prospects may not serious about making a purchase and you would be better off identifying them and not wasting your time calling them.

2) Qualifying them. You can ask some questions to determine whether or not a prospect is financially qualified to speak to you. I.e do they have enough money and desire to buy your services?

Exclusion/Qualifying Questionnaire

Questionnaire Items

What type of business are you starting or running?*

1) We sell own own branded products.

2) We create and sell digital products

3) We dropship products

4) Other.

How big is your team?

1) 1-5

2) 10-50

3) 100+

4) 5-10

5) 50-100

What is your average monthly revenue? (We will need this info to properly assess your situation.)*

1) $0 to $10K

3) $50K to $100K

5) $500k to $1 Million

2) $10K to $50K

4) $100K to $500K

6) $1 Million plus


In your own honest opinion, what is preventing you from hitting your revenue goal?*

  • We were unable to keep up with the sales volume we once had due to a lack of systems and processes.
  • I hired a marketer or agency, but our growth is still weak. We are getting sales here or there, but we haven’t gotten our desired growth yet.
  • I don’t have time to do any of this marketing stuff. I’m building my brand all day. I want someone else to take care of this for me. Is this possible?
  • I don’t know if what I am doing is right. There are so many parts. I’m spinning my wheels and burning money. If someone qualified could validate that I’m on the right track, that would relieve a tone of anxiety.
  • (This item is repeated by accident)
  • We are doing fine and already winning, but we are competitive and always seeking the edge. My team and always want to stay on top. (Doesn’t make sense, no proof-reading!)

How Urgent Are These Problems?*

  • 10/10 – I need this solved ASAP. If I don’t figure this out now, bad things will happen.
  • 8/10 – I know it’s important, but I’m already doing well, so I want to take my time. If I like you, and I think you can create value, I’m game.
  •  5/10 – We are winners and we are already winning. I want to work with more winners. If I think you are a winner, I’m working with you.
  • 1-5/10 – really just curious, not that urgent…

Funnel Structure

Note The Colored Dots – They represent prospects being excluded by each exclusion step in the funnel. 

Green prospects are buyers!

Blue prospects are highly suitable prospects.

The rest get screened from the sales call, but still remain on the email list.

Final Thoughts

This is a very effective high ticket funnel. I hope it gives you some ideas!

Build A High Ticket Lead Funnel In Just 10 Days

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