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Build A High Ticket Lead Funnel In Just 10 Days

Funnel Entry Point - Facebook Ad

Original Ad Copy

Have you ever wanted to build an income online, but have no idea what product or service you would sell?

My name is Rachel Rofe, and up until a few years ago, I was a Walmart cashier.

You know, when you’re a kid, you have all these dreams and aspirations about how your life is going to turn out… and I can promise you, for me, being a cashier at Walmart was never part of that dream!

It got to the point where I couldn’t take it any more, and I was determined to find a better way.

I knew “getting another job” wasn’t the answer, but the problem was, I had very little money, no meaningful experience, and I had to continue to pay the rent while I figured out whatever it was that I was going to do.

Then I discovered the Low Hanging System, and it changed everything!

I discovered a way that I could sell hundreds of thousands – and later millions of dollars worth of products… without ever touching them, owning them, paying for them, or even seeing them!

And the best part… I didn’t need to build a website, mess with web traffic, handle stock, or any of the usual mess that usually comes with building an online business. In fact, the Low Hanging system is almost completely hands off once it’s set up!

Since quitting my job at Walmart and becoming a full time online entrepreneur, I’ve gone on to help literally thousands of everyday people build an online business using the Low Hanging System.

For a limited time, I’m running a 100% FREE workshop where I walk you step by step through the easiest method I know of to potentially build an online income in a matter of weeks.

Go here to save your spot…

>> https://lowhangingecom.com/f/wBzz9A/

Places fill up fast, so don’t delay. Click the link and save your spot on this life changing workshop now. I’ll see you there!

The "Problem"

Quick and Easy (Even a Walmart Cashier can do this!)

Plug into feelings of frustration felt by prospects

Twisting the knife on the propect's feeling of frustration

Present the "Bridge"

Pot Of Gold AKA What The Prospect Wants

Quick and Easy

Scarcity + Free + Quick and Easy

Scarcity + FOMO

Always Build A Bridge With Your Sales Funnel

Build A High Ticket Lead Funnel In Just 10 Days

The Sales Page

Headline Has Itchy Sizzle!

This is a great heading, I will tell you why:

1) Curiosity – I am very curious to see how Rachel set up over 5000 mini income streams

2) Quick And Easy – It seems like it is easy to do if it only takes 10 minutes for each income stream and costs nothing to set up

Itchy Sizzle FORCES me to check out the rest of the sales copy, that is your primary goal – grab ATTENTION and create CURIOSITY!

Handles objections on the Sales Page…SMART!

*With no special skills or experience

*Without an audience

*Without already having a products to sell

*And in your spare time around a full time job!

*Without having to worry about driving web traffic

This is Smart Because…

Prospects will start to have fears and doubts as they read through the sales copy. When you handle the objections up front, you greatly reduce prospect anxiety.

This in turn increases the chances that the prospect will register for the webinar.

Registering for the wbinar is the primary goals of this sales page.


Social Proof Galore

Rachel Rofe has tons of social proof in her sales funnels,. There is so much social proof in everything from the ad to the sales page to the webinar, that I started being convinced that she had something legit that works.

What's Good

Very strong webinar funnel.

Rachel Rofe comes across as very genuine. Her webinar was a little bit unpolished and she even sounded nervous, but I could tell she had something worth looking at. So remember you don’t have to pitch like a slick infomercial guy. A little bit of vulnerability really increases the know like and trust factor.

Perfect webinars in terms of delivery can actually hurt you more than they help you.

If you sound nervous but have a well structured presentation, it really makes be believe in the offer.

But remember you need to have a well structured presentation!

Great Use Of A Sales Video Formula

You can see that Rachel has used a formula in her webinar to create value and urgency.

She also appeals to what the prospect wants (AKA The Pot of Gold) as well as appealing to logic

Whats Could Be Better

Fake Scarcity is LAME

Rachel uses a fake scarcity timer which was pretty obvious. I feel that this greatly weakened the FOMO effect.

It would be better if you used a real scarcity timer that actually took something away when it expired.

eg When time runs out all the bonuses are removed or the product goes back to full price.

Prospects know a fake scarcity timer when they see it and they never work as well.


Errors On Sales Page Due TO No Proofreading

If you are running a paid campaign, make sure you check all of your sales copy otherwise you look silly.

I noticed a few errors on the sales page which is pretty unforgiveable.

Build A High Ticket Lead Funnel In Just 10 Days

Exclusion Through Webinar Duration

Rachel’s webinar is 2 hours long. This may seem very long, but there is a reason. It excludes the people that are not serious about buying. If you are so interested that you will sit through the whole thing, you have a good chance of becoming a buyer when you see the pitch.

Pre-recorded Webinars Are Scalable

Even though Rachel’s webinar may appear to be live, it is in fact pre-recorded. She just runs the ads and waits for the sales to come through. If she wants more sales she just needs to increase the ad spend without even needing to host any actual live webinars. Pretty cool!

Funnel Structure

Low Touch – Well actually “zero touch”. Rachel does not physically attend the webinar nor does she have to make appointment sales calls. This allows here time freedom and is very scalable. I think it would be more profitable if it had more touch points, but if it turns a profit, I say run with it

Final Thoughts

This is a very scalable high ticket funnel. I think it would not be as profitable as it could be, but when it’s completely automated like this and somewhat profitable, you are winning.

I hope it gives you some ideas!

Build A High Ticket Lead Funnel In Just 10 Days

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