Sean Ferres Review Of Funnel

Sean Ferres Copywriting Funnel

Welcome to next part in the Funnel Forensics series. Just today, I noticed a Facebook advertisement for Sean Ferres and decided to go through the funnel to see just how good it is…or isn’t!

But First….Learn How To Build A High Ticket Sales Funnel

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What Are We Doing Today

We’re going to be doing is breaking down the Sean Ferres Copywriting sales funnel. I will analyze it to work out what’s good about it and what’s bad about it.

Is The Copywriting Good, Bad or Ugly?

Is the copywriting bad good or just average?

Does It Follow My Sales Video Formula?

Step 1: Itchy Sizzle Opener

Step 2: Identify the Problem

Step 3: Twist The Knife

Step 4: Present the Bridge

Step 5: Authority & Credibility Enhancers

Step 6: Explain How it Works

Step 7: Make the Offer (CTA #1—Pot Of Gold)

Step 8: Give a Guarantee

Step 9: Make the Offer (CTA #2—Appeal To Logic)

Step 10: Give a Warning

Step 11: Make the Offer (CTA #3—Fear Of Loss)

Step 12: Social Proof (Optional)

Does It Use “Impactors” To Push People Over The Edge?


{The Message} + {Story}

{Scarcity Of Supply}

{Scarcity Timer}

{Here Is Why This Is A good and safe use of Your time and money}

{Burn The Time Wasters}

Funnel Entry Point

Sales Page For Sean Ferres Copywriting

Heading For Sean Ferres Copywriting Sales Page

The heading says, “Download My Free ‘Clients on Command DM’ Cheat Sheet Below.

I am guessing DM means “Direct Message” and must have something to do with messaging prospects on Facebook. The heading is adequate, however it does not really grab me by the eyeballs. I often talk about Itchy Sizzle for headings which are very attention getting and often have curiosity.

How This Heading Could Be Better

Example 1 “WARNING You Must Not Speak To Another Client Until You Read The Clients On Command Cheatsheet

Example 2 ” Think You Can Attract High Paying Clients? You’re WRONG

Example 3 ” Ex-Facebook Insider’s Devastating News For Online Marketers

These headlines have more sizzle and curiosity. With headlines you always want to think about “Itchy Sizzle”

In the 30 seconds it took me to write these, you also could easily come up with an improvement on the original, which was:

“Download My Free ‘Clients on Command DM’ Cheat Sheet Below.


These Two Parts Were Great…


I like the first bullet point:

“Discover the One Toxic Piece Of Common Advice that instantly turns high level biz owners off”.

This is persuasive because it uses the emotion of fear. We (the prospect) have a fear that we may be telling the wrong thing to clients. If we want to avoid this mistake, then we should opt in to this page and get the lead magnet.

I also liked the second bullet:

“Copy Paste This Script”

This implies quick and easy. You always want to mention (particularly on your opt in page) that what you have is quick and easy. You don’t want to scare them off yet. 

Copywriting On This Page Is Absent – Missed Opportunity

This page is a little bit too brief. You need to paint a picture that will make the prospect understand that you understand their frustration and pain. You want to hint that by opting into on this page you will be bringing the prospect closer to what they want and taking away the frustration.

This is supposed to be a copywriting course or product, so the opt in page really misses the opportunity to show us their copywriting skills. It makes me wonder if they are even that good at copywriting if I am being perfectly honest.

You Need To Be Building A Bridge

On the sales page you need to show that you have what the prospect wants ie the pot of gold.

Notice the water in the image. That is all of the prospects frustrations and you want to have some text that demonstrates that you know what the prospect is feeling. Furthermore on your sales page you want to be telling the prospect that if they enter in their email address they are going to learn about a “bridge” that is going to take them over their obstacles and get them to what they want.

What Happened?


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