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Build A High Ticket Lead Funnel In Just 10 Days

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I’m no author, and yet I sell literally THOUSANDS of books on Amazon every single month.

You know the crazy thing… I didn’t even write the books myself!

In fact, I’ve developed a set and forget system that allows me to sell 5 figures worth of these books every single month – almost completely on auto pilot.

It’s funny… I never had any aspirations of being an author. I still don’t.

I’ve made most of my money selling physical products on Amazon – a strategy I love.

Then I learned about a particular product I could sell that has up to 70% margins.

That NEVER breaks when you ship it.

That you can ‘ship’ for free.

That’s virtually completely automated.

And, you can sell again and again, without having to buy more – and without ever running out of stock…


So I started selling them, and you know what I discovered….

As well as the massive margins, the competition is way lower than anything else I’ve sold!

I couldn’t believe how easy it was!

Not only do you not need to write the books yourself… you don’t even necessarily have to pay anyone else to.

There’s a couple of little hacks where you can sell stuff you didn’t write, and you didn’t even pay for. A completely legal and ethical loophole.

All this and more is covered in my upcoming income workshop.

It’s completely free to attend, and I’ll walk you through step by step exactly how I managed to build such a lucrative income stream.

There should be a link somewhere on or around this video.

Go ahead and click that link, and on the next page all you need to do is enter your name and email, and select a time and date that you can make it to the workshop.

I’m not sure how long I’ll keep running this for free, so jump in now while you can. I’ll see you there!

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Build A High Ticket Lead Funnel In Just 10 Days

The Webinar

How a busy mum of two set up 166 new virtually passive income streams with just her laptop and an internet connection.


Are you looking for a faster, easier and cheaper way to potentially make money online without all the typical headaches that hold most people back?

(Appeals To Quick & Easy) (Itchy Sizzle – Surface Level Attention)



Perhaps you’ve already tried starting an online income stream before but you ran into frustrating challenges like finding customers, setting up tech or sourcing products from overseas suppliers.


Maybe you’re new to the online business world and you’re searching for a simple and proven approach to potentially make money first with just your laptop or smartphone in your spare time, either way this might interest you.

 (Quick & Easy) (Calls Out To Ideal Prospect)


Right now we’re looking for our next group of students to potentially set up a largely automated online income stream starting in the next 30 days this group will get personal help implementing the exact same strategy that secured me

166 virtually passive income streams over the last 12 months.

 (Quick & Easy)


It’s giving me as much as $28 000 per month in largely automated income now of course mine is not a typical result, I’m an experienced online seller after all but it does show you what’s possible when you get this right and keep at it.

 (Quick & Easy)(Pot Of Gold)


An opportunity like this isn’t for everyone we’re only going to work with a certain type of individual so you must be proactive and you must be an ambitious action taker and most important of all you must be ready to put in the effort to launch your new auto business.



I want you to be making sales fast and if you tick those boxes then here’s what makes my approach so different and how it can help you. 


My name is Sophie Howard. Over the past seven years I’ve made multiple seven figures selling online and launched more than a thousand different physical products.



I’ve sold one of my online businesses for six figures and another for seven figures and have educated thousands of people around the world to get started selling online so I’m no flash in the pan.

 (Authority & Credibility Enhancer)

Recently I discovered a brand new totally different strategy that’s allowed me to set up virtually passive income streams that pay me as much as $28000 a month. 

Nearly a thousand dollars a day more than many doctors even receive but without the stress of those professions because this strategy requires no university degree no website no tech skills no sourcing products no previous experience not much cash up front and as little as five hours a month to run the secret this little device right here you may already know what this is it’s an Amazon Kindle ebook reader already 90 million plus people around the world are using Kindle to buy digital ebooks from Amazon and they read them instantly.



In fact an estimated 18 billion dollars worth of Kindle ebooks sell every year but what you might not know is that you don’t have to be a big book publisher or a famous author to sell these books on Kindle.


Anyone can upload a book to the platform almost as easily as adding a photo on instagram.

The best part is you don’t even need to write a single word yourself because you can get what are called ghostwriters to write them for you.  (Quick & Easy)


You simply then upload your ebook to the Kindle platform and potentially get paid whether you’re sleeping, playing with the kids or enjoying your hobbies.


So this is a huge opportunity and in fact over the past 12 months I’ve launched hundreds of Kindle ebooks in my spare time without typing a single sentence of these books myself and some of these winning ebooks pay me as much as $500 to $2 500 a month almost on autopilot. (Quick & Easy) (Pot Of Gold)



Now not every ebook will be a big winner but enough of them are to make really great money and the profit margins are amazing 50% to 70% which is very lucrative especially if you’re selling thousands of books a month.


Here’s the best part: you only pay Amazon after you get a sale so depending on the sale price Amazon gets 30% you keep 70%.



Amazon processes the payment deals but the customer takes care of all the fulfillments. Amazon finds the customer and they do everything.


All you need to do is collect the money. Amazon can even convert your ebook into a paper book for you. (Quick & Easy)



A lot of my books are in paperback format. They’re my best sellers and I never touch these books. Amazon handles all the shipping customer care and any returns for me and there’s virtually zero ongoing work required.



We’re talking 60 minutes a week. Just look at my screenshot from the previous month. There’s thousands in profit. That’s not sales. That’s royalties.



The profit that came to me from those sales. What other business exists where you can upload a product once and sell it thousands of times without ever running out of stock?


So you don’t have to worry about sourcing or packaging or shipping. It really is the perfect work at home business. Now if this sounds exciting to you then here’s how you can potentially set up a new income stream on Kindle in the next 30 days too.



First we’re going to help you choose the perfect book topic and title. You see, one of the biggest mistakes I see is when people try to make money on Kindle and they go into a really competitive niche with lots of great authors. It’s hard to stand out and make sales in these cutthroat niches. For example something like the keto diet has hundreds of competing books so your title may just get lost in the crowd.



Instead we’ll help you to find under the radar niches with healthy demand but much less competition.

  • green witchcraft – average monthly sales 966 dollars 

  • forensic science 1 680 on average.

  • digital minimalism average monthly sales 3966 dollars



So we show our students how to find these potential sales honeypots.


Now you may be wondering how much money you can potentially make from a single book.


Well here are examples of books I’m selling right now.


I can’t reveal the title because my team would kill me. We would get loads of copycats doing the exact same book as mine. This one has sixteen hundred dollars profit and 258 dollars spent on advertising.



Another one here returning 261 dollars a month. Another one with monthly revenue of one thousand, two hundred and ninety four dollars a month.


So as you can see you’re only one successful book away from a potential new income stream and if we work together you’ll get access to our exclusive hot niches software.


It’s like a heat seeking tool that makes finding a big winner ebook idea as easy as possible so you can move towards the results you want as soon as possible.



That’s just the start. The second thing we’ll help you with as part of the group is to get your new book written and published without writing a single word yourself. We’ll show you how to find low-cost professional ghostwriters to do the hard work for you. There’s obviously a cost to do this but if you choose the right book idea you can quickly recoup that investment.


You might spend a thousand dollars getting an e-book written for you but if the book just makes a hundred sales a month at five dollars each then you can make your money back really quickly and after that it’s all profit.



You never have to pay anyone again except for a commission to Amazon when the book is sold. You never have to order stock again, pay your writer again and you don’t have to worry about shipping or packaging or anything like that.


Best of all you can use the profits from your first book to get your next book ghost written without any out of pocket costs and then your next and so on your business could then potentially become like a self-funding income generation machine.



I’ve published many hundreds of books since I found out about this opportunity and not everyone will do that but even if you publish just say 12 books a year you could potentially build a great largely automated business.



Every morning you could wake up potentially richer than when you went to sleep which is exactly what I enjoy,


We’ll help our partners with what I call the Kindle income multiplier system. It’s a unique process I’ve developed that can potentially triple the income from every single ebook you publish.


How by using four tried and tested strategies that almost nobody else is talking about.


First get Amazon to turn your ebook into a paperback.



You don’t need to do anything Amazon does it all for you.


Second, turn your ebook into an audiobook so people can listen to it on audible. You don’t need to read it or narrate it yourself.


Someone else will do that for you.


Third, get your book translated into another language. In the US alone there are 41 million Spanish speakers. There’s a huge new market right there.





Finally there’s a little secret trick where you can spend as little as fifty dollars a month and turn that into five hundred dollars a month of extra profit.



So by using these strategies you could potentially turn your five hundred dollar book month book into fifteen hundred dollars a month a three 300 pay rise.


A potential extra $12 000 every year. What kind of difference would that make to your life? More holidays, a new car, paying off your mortgage faster or just putting aside money for a rainy day?


We can’t promise you any specific result because it depends on your work ethic and how far you take this is really up to you but we can say that this is an absolutely golden opportunity.


Ebook sales are booming and are increasing year on year.


Here’s a quick recap of how we will help you in this exclusive group.


Step one: help you find your first book ideas including giving you some easy to use software that spits out high profit potential topics.


Step two: we’re going to show you how to get the book ghost written and uploaded to Kindle ready to sell.


Step three: we’ll guide you through the four profit multipliers to potentially boost your income from every ebook you publish. All you need to do is follow the simple step-by-step process that is 100% proven to work and you could be up and running in a few weeks from now.


If you act fast and the best part you get supported by a 24/7 help desk so help is on hand every step of the way.


Sound like something you’re interested in?

Well here’s the offer.


One last time we’re looking for our next group of students to potentially set up a largely automated online income stream starting in the next 30 days. Maybe that’s you.


Remember this is the same process that’s worked for me hundreds of times so there’s no guessing, no frustration.



I’ve made it simple and easy for you to get up and sell as soon as possible.


The goal here is for you to get started with this business as fast as possible starting today.


You’d expect some support like this to cost ten thousand dollars plus and it would be worth it after all I have books that pay me as much as a thousand dollars per month with virtually no ongoing effort.

However if you qualify it could be much less than one thousand dollars per month to get support and training from my team.


If this sounds like something you’re interested in then here’s your next step.


Book a free Kindle fast start call now using the quick and easy form on this page.


Then my team will talk you through your options to get started and if you’re a good fit then this is your chance to get started setting up your new potential income stream as fast as possible.


You need to hurry because of the nature of the client support we give in this program.


We can’t work with everyone and these spots will go fast we’re not looking to be a student factory churning out hundreds of students a week as I mentioned at the start of this video.


You must be proactive and ambitious and you’ll be taking action from day one with the goal of having your new income stream up and running as fast as possible.


So if you feel inspired and excited by that and if everything I said on this video strikes a chord with you then the time to act is now.


I look forward to hopefully seeing you at a member training event soon and hearing about your incredible results.


Go ahead let’s get on and secure your no obligation free Kindle fast track consult before they get snapped up now.


So whether you take the next step or not I thank you for your time today and I wish you every success in life, thank you.

Build A High Ticket Lead Funnel In Just 10 Days

Funnel Structure

Final Thoughts

This funnel is adequate for the job, but could be a lot better. Hey! If it works it works!

Build A High Ticket Lead Funnel In Just 10 Days

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